Fernblock® Upregulates NRF2 Antioxidant Pathway and Protects Keratinocytes from PM2.5-Induced Xenotoxic Stress

Published 15th April 2020


Humans in modern industrial and postindustrial societies face sustained challenges from environmental pollutants, which can trigger tissue damage from xenotoxic stress through different mechanisms. Thus, the identification and characterization of compounds capable of conferring antioxidant effects and protection against these xenotoxins are warranted. Here, we report that the natural extract of Polypodium leucotomos named Fernblock®, known to reduce aging and oxidative stress induced by solar radiations, upregulates the NRF2 transcription factor and its downstream antioxidant targets, and this correlates with its ability to reduce inflammation, melanogenesis, and general cell damage in cultured keratinocytes upon exposure to an experimental model of fine pollutant particles (PM2.5). Our results provide evidence for a specific molecular mechanism underpinning the protective activity of Fernblock® against environmental pollutants and potentially other sources of oxidative stress and damage-induced aging.


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