Fernblock® Protects against Skin Damage Caused by Blue Light

The Aqueous Extract of Polypodium leucotomos (Fernblock®) Regulates Opsin 3 and Prevents Photooxidation of Melanin Precursors on Skin Cells Exposed to Blue Light Emitted from Digital Devices.

Published 6th March 2021



Fernblock® has been demonstrated to protect against skin damage caused by visible light (400- 700nm) in vitro and in vivo. Blue light is the most harmful high energy part of the VIS spectrum and has been shown to increase the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), inflammatory mediators, and DNA damage, as well as induce melanogenesis and MMP activity, resulting in premature photoaging and hyperpigmentation.

In addition to natural sunlight, electronic devices are an important source of blue light radiation, and intensive exposure to electronic devices during the day, as well as increasing night-time exposure to artificial light, can be considered to be detrimental to the skin.

Previous results presented in poster form demonstrated that Fernblock® can help protect against skin damage caused by blue light from digital devices in vitro, increasing cell survival and reducing oxidative stress, mitochondrial morphology disruption and pigmentation. This article presents this data and adds important new findings regarding Fernblock®s ability to prevent photo-oxidation of melanin precursors and activation of Opsin3, an important pathway involved in hyperpigmentation.


Download the presentation slides here or watch the 15 minute presentation by Cantabria Labs Here or by clicking the video above

Download the complete publication here

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